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Minecraft Light Bridges Mod for 1.6.2

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From Mod Page:

This mod adds a couple of new blocks, a  light bridge and door! Now you can create those fancy doors, barriers, and bridges that you see in Halo! All you need is Minecraft Forge, the mod, and an imagination!

There are two main blocks added, the light bridge and door. The bridge blocks can only be placed on block sides, and the doors on the ceiling. Once a redstone signal has been applied to the block, the block fires out light blocks for 50 blocks until it meets another block other than air.

Once redstone has been cut off to the block, the blocks will retract it’s light blocks and return to it’s deactivated state. Simple as that! The length of the light bridges and the height of the light doors is fully configurable! (Max 100 for the game’s sake)

The gravity lift on the other hand is a whole new feature. It’s purpose is pretty obvious, it lifts you in the air. It can slightly vary how high it lifts you, but that value if fully configurable, you could make it lift you right up into the sky if you want! (But you can’t because you would splat when you hit the ground again). The block constantly emits smoke particles for now until I know how to make my own particles.


Download This Mod: Click Here


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